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How We Get Things Done


The Work Process

Do you want us to be part of your daily work in your offices? Or do you rather keep in touch over the web/phone? To us both ways are fine. We know that we can co-operate closely and deliver quality services wherever you’re based. You decide the set-up at your convenience.


Soundly offers outstanding flexibility and cost-effectiveness. During a project you are always in the driving-seat and decide on the project's scope and length. For example, you don’t have to commit to a complete project from start to finish. If you rather like to extend our involvement step by step through the project plan that’s okay with us.


You decide how you want us to deliver the work and to whom. Have a think about the delivery formats that will work best for you: Workshop? Spoken Presentation? Written Report? Or a complete delivery featuring all three? Is the project and its recommendations targeted to the C.E.O., the Management Team or to the whole company?


Example of Methodology

Yup, we know, no project is the same as the other. We just thought it would be nice to give you a feel for how we may structure a project. As always, we only suggest. You decide.


1. Your presentation of the initial problem/challenge

  • Concrete – based on financial facts and numbers, e.g. Key Performance Indicators
  • Abstract – based on a perceived notion, e.g. fear of falling behind competition or lacking know-how


2. Our data collection and analysis of current situation

  • Overview of the market and customer demand
  • Interviews with management and key personnel
  • Analysis of data available in-house
  • Review of your current products and services
  • Benchmarking studies


3. Our review of the initial problem/challenge, i.e. what we actually think it is all about

  • From your point of view
  • From the competitors point of view
  • From the customers point of view


Checkpoint 1

  • Your approval/disapproval
  • Feedback and discussion with you – preferably in a workshop format


4. Our description on how we would carry out the project

  • A detailed project plan, including time plan and means of delivery


Checkpoint 2

  • Your approval/disapproval
  • If you want us to proceed, the work continues in close co-operation and regular tunings points


5. Our core work process

  • Strategic analysis/planning/creative solutions


6. Delivery

  • Strategic Plan
  • Recommendations and Action Points


7. Feedback & Next Step



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