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Content Strategies


Yes, content is still King

Users just don't want to pay for the right to own it


Most users show little interest in paying for the right to own digital content. They rather consume it. Right now and right here. Consequently, it seems as if the inevitable route forward for major content owners is to become more liberal regarding distribution rights and release more content, on more digital platforms, and in more territories.


Effective and proven monetizing strategies are of course in high demand. But creativity and innovation will emerge automatically when products and services are released on the customers’ terms. That’s how new revenue models are born.


We therefore believe that those content owners who can provide immediate access to great content through laudable subscription VOD services, stand a pretty good chance of being successful over the next 5 to 10 years.


Below you will find examples of content assignments we have been involved in (either for mobile, DTH, Cable, DTT or Online):


  • Acquisition and Commissioning of content
  • Quantitative/qualitative research to evaluate concepts, brands, market potential and willingness to pay
  • Audience Analysis, incl. viewing behaviours and user patterns
  • Management of Content Rights
  • Packaging and Pricing
  • Commercial Negotiations
  • Contract Management
  • Evaluation of Distribution Channels
  • Partner Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Concept Development


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