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Explore new opportunities and grow your business in Scandinavia.


The Nordic region is technologically advanced and financially stable, with a strong demand for digital content, products and services.



Nordic Business Partner


Soundly is a Strategic Business Development Agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We act as a committed regional partner for international companies wishing to expand their business to the Nordic countries.


The Nordic region is characterized by modern and equal societies that are technologically advanced and have a high proportion of early adopters. The Scandinavian countries have so far also handled the global financial crises very well. The economies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are currently much stronger and solid than in many other European countries. As a consequence, the Nordic countries have become attractive to both investors and companies in search of new growth markets.


It is all about the Know-How and the Know-Who


As your regional partner we can contribute to your business growth in a number of ways. We have a good understanding of the Telecom, Media and Entertainment markets in Scandinavia and are well acquainted with local regulations and legal frameworks. Naturally, we are very familiar with the different cultures and languages. We also keep track of regional consumer trends and technological developments on a regular basis. Finally, but not least, we have a wide contact network. All of the above are important success factors if you want to grow distribution, sales and brand awareness in a new territory.

Soundly is an independent and flexible partner. We can help you out with a specific, one-off task that may be difficult to handle from your international location. But we can also take on a bigger role as your regional representative and manage all your daily tasks on a long-term basis.


Here are a few examples of what we can do as your local partner:


  • Packaging and Pricing of your products and services
  • Product Launches
  • Marketing and PR, including liaison with local advertising/web agencies
  • Sales Pitches
  • Find suitable Distribution Channels
  • Product Management
  • Commercial Negotiations
  • Brand Development
  • Management of Research Projects


If you want to know more about the market potential for your business in Scandinavia, feel free to Contact Us anytime. We are always available for an open-ended discussion.


Soundly also carry out strategic projects, e.g. Partner Strategies, Concept & Product Matching, Analysis of Consumer Demand and Willingness To Pay, SWOT Analysis, GAP Analysis, Target Group Analysis, Market Strategies, and Benchmarking Studies. Please read more here.





Nordic Representative

Do you need professional presence in the fast-growing and exciting Scandinavian markets? Soundly acts as a committed representative for international companies looking to expand their business in the Nordic countries.

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We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experiences through workshops, talks and seminars. Please Contact Us if you are interested in booking a session.



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