Sales, negotiation and contract management services for long-term successful business partnerships. 

We can help identify/reach out to your target group and increase sales both B2C or B2B.

        • Market segmentation
        • Digital marketing strategy (owned, paid, earned) 
        • Go-To-Market
        • Monetization
        • Loyalty and retention
        • Complex Sales B2B
        • Commercial negotiations and contracts


Marketing, distribution, and monetizing strategies combined with effective change management.

In close co-operation with your team we can help to transform your business and identify new sources of growth and cost effectiveness. 

        • Strategic planning (GAP, SWOT, Porters 5 Forces etc)
        • Consumer insights
        • Market analysis
        • Content strategy
        • Business modelling
        • Sales Strategy
        • Distribution strategies


Concept development, production and marketing with a real value to your target audience.

If you are looking to get your film, TV or music projects off the ground Soundly can help you with various business aspects such as:

        • Concept development
        • Financing
        • Sponsorship
        • Project management
        • Production
        • Content rights management
        • Merchandising

Soundly was part of the team producing MOTORAMA for Discovery Channel. Current feature film projects attached to Soundly include the thrillers DRAGONFLY (financing underway) and THE RIGHTEOUS, the drama THUNDER AND LIGHTNING and the kids movie SHORTY (all three under development). Soundly has produced the original script FRAUDULENCE, a New York located thriller (121 pages), available to acquire.

Please get in touch for more information about these film projects.

Soundly also acts as a music indie label, and holds a certification in statistic analysis from SAMI (Swedish Artists and Musicians Interest organization). Experience from producing, releasing and promoting music can be be viewed here.


0707 919282 (SWE)